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Joys are many, easily wrought
A child, a deer, a book bought
Bright orange, the sound of prayer
They rise, layer upon layer.

Sorrows buried in dark secrets,
Death, lost memories, broken trinkets
Well up in sincere tears
Blue turn the cyclic spheres.

Remembrances, of love and friendship
Strike, hard as a whip,
Dreams tinged with secret hope
Bloom, red, even as I mope.

Fear of the unknown, inevitable 
I lurk alone, unsociable 
True, ’tis dark, dreadful and cold
Yet an experience to make me bold.

A balance scale or neutral man,
Swaying, falling- both do ban.
There’s hardly any difference
Purposeful negation is their preference.

God painted the skies blue and red
And green grass over plains spread
Coloured sentiment, and poetry spouts
Joys, sorrows in alternate bouts.

So I will drown in depths deep
As flowing colours into me seep
For they break the robotic sameness
Of learned unfeelingness.


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Shall I cry for a promise broken

Or weep against deep depravity?

Swallow a bitter truth spoken

Or mourn the loss of moral identity?

Sink beneath they all may

I shall see with just a pang.

But the ground beneath gives way.

Those old of this then sang!

In filth and dark they lie

And learn to accept it as fate.

To rise I clutch all nearby

My struggles they cannot abate.

They break; none enough strong.

One last time with uplifted hand

Must try to right my timeless wrong

So I may reach the unseen land.

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