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I float on the gentle sea of thought

Clear waters, tranquil and soft.

But ripples- violent, unsought

Form as I think of you.


Crystal blue waters turn opaque

Pale turns dark, fires rage

In their depths, passions wake

And hurt as I think of you.


Tossed and rocked in stormy waves

While within sea, flames build

Love to fury the path paves

Invariably, as I think of you.


Erupting volcano the surface nears

Molten lava mingling in sea sand

Washed in a deluge of salty tears

As in vain, I think of you.


Then the fresh river of hope

Gushes and soothes turbulent sea.

For the log of reason I grope

Futilely as I think of you.


Hope breathes peace into fevered sea

But sparks of fire still remain

Helpless, I let them be

Every time I think of you.


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