Shall I cry for a promise broken

Or weep against deep depravity?

Swallow a bitter truth spoken

Or mourn the loss of moral identity?

Sink beneath they all may

I shall see with just a pang.

But the ground beneath gives way.

Those old of this then sang!

In filth and dark they lie

And learn to accept it as fate.

To rise I clutch all nearby

My struggles they cannot abate.

They break; none enough strong.

One last time with uplifted hand

Must try to right my timeless wrong

So I may reach the unseen land.



I float on the gentle sea of thought

Clear waters, tranquil and soft.

But ripples- violent, unsought

Form as I think of you.


Crystal blue waters turn opaque

Pale turns dark, fires rage

In their depths, passions wake

And hurt as I think of you.


Tossed and rocked in stormy waves

While within sea, flames build

Love to fury the path paves

Invariably, as I think of you.


Erupting volcano the surface nears

Molten lava mingling in sea sand

Washed in a deluge of salty tears

As in vain, I think of you.


Then the fresh river of hope

Gushes and soothes turbulent sea.

For the log of reason I grope

Futilely as I think of you.


Hope breathes peace into fevered sea

But sparks of fire still remain

Helpless, I let them be

Every time I think of you.

At college it had been a tiring day;

The walk home ahead of us lay.

We both left after good-byes we bade

And watched college into distance fade.


Two guys ahead of us were walking

Prim and proper, they were seldom talking.

They were our classmates and friends

In helping us with sums, truly godsends.


The sky clouded; it began to rain

They took out umbrellas with superior disdain.

They eyed each other-they had one to spare

Saw us drenched; had not a care.


They shoved one back into the bag

But one the other did nag.

“We have two, why not lend?”

“We can’t to the world’s needs tend.”


There was no shop nearby for shelter

We both soaked, ran helter-skelter.

They could not us an umbrella lend

Angry, we mocked- “Fair weather friend”.


The Bird

A lone bird with sure wings

Journeying alone into night

To find her with feathers white

Of deep and true love sings.

His vibrant voice with valour rings

In sure certainty of being right.

Yearning only for her sight,

He scorns comforts of even kings.

She has feathers red and blue,

Fluttering wings, friendly trill.

“Why look for her when I am here?”

“It matters not much her hue”,

So he says to the silent hill.

The white one waits with tear.

I had a fleeting glimpse of that lamenting beauty- arms outstretched, pleading in vain before merciless, unyielding death.

She who smiled at many through persons many, whom I saw as happiness, cheer and enthusiasm, with a sad smile and no twinkle in her eye beckoned to me and whispered to me the name of Death.

And as I sit shivering next to my window on this cold night, sleep evading me, the open skies dark and unrevealing and the trees whispering unknown secrets, I think of her- stoic in dignity, always smiling, elegant and lovely. That was how I saw her then,loving those she lived in- poets, musicians, artists, scientists, seekers and toddlers and giving them all her sparkle and charm.

Now I see her as she is, veiled in distress, facing her journey with acceptance, knowing detachedly through her smiles and laughter that she must, one day, as her master and enemy calls, leave behind all those she loves. And yet, she herself is not mortal. She quietly leaves behind a new-born she loved, and while people grieve; she moves on to brighten another home.

It is her loss indeed that families and friends mourn. Everyone knows she will one day kiss him goodbye, and yet everyone takes her for granted.

She is all about celebration and joy, young love, about a mother’s kiss on the forehead, a tear in the eye when friends part.Her loss leaves behind a mother numb with pain as her child lies helpless; helpless to even defend himself against a tiny fly.

Is she happy or has she accepted her unchangeable nature of travel without destination?  Who can tell?


I sit alone through the rain

Trying hard to forget the pain

But how can I forget you?

The only friend I then knew.

I turn to my book and song

But for you I still long

I wipe the tear from my eye;

No, I don’t want to cry.

Just when I smile and say- I got over you today

You again invade my thought

You- for whom I long sought.

The star is brighter than the moon

But farther and so forgotten soon

To walk away you did choose

So our battle you will lose.

The Dream

Still hidden remains the dream

As promised sunlight by hazy skies,

As the moon distorted by the stream,

A lie concealed in a traitor’s eyes.

Grey clouds over themselves colours drape

Mingling with the sky’s red and blue.

So the dream swiftly changes shape

And takes on a long known hue.

A home in the faraway hills,

A glowing fire in the hearth

There’s no end to joy and mirth.

No more sorrows, no more lies

In the distance a bird trills

You smile and look into my eyes.