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He runs on…

When my dad runs in the park
The sweat pours down his neck
It trickles down his back
And dampens the shirt.

He runs faster than ever
Between pauses of walking
To shoot a momentary glance
At Mom in the outer ring.

Sometimes he loses breath
And pants or puffs
But he runs again
Never losing steam.

He puts younger men
To shame with his pace
As he walks onward
Long after they tire.

Mom, with her penchant
For doing everything best
Tries to outstride him
Of course, in vain.

He passes her once,twice
At thrice she becomes red
If she is not already
With the walking.

When he is almost done
He gives Mom a smile
She glances, smiles
A look of glowing pride

Pride in her husband
In his athletic skill
In his youthful pace
And steadfast jog

At that look, he
Like a 20 year old
Runs faster than ever
Purely to show off.


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