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One Evening

The setting sun seems to have splashed her sari with red, and gifted it the faint glimmer of gold, only to be guessed at, not seen. She smiles in the temple courtyard, a slight curving of lips that is fresh and sweet as a cuckoo’s melody. Her kohl-rimmed eyes sparkle with anticipation.

Vedic chants rise around the fire, in cadence with the rising swirls of smoke.

Her bangles, red as the vermillion mark on her forehead, tinkle as she glances at her watch. She saves a place next to her under the coolness of the ancient banyan tree. The cold wind caresses her thick, plaited hair, wishing it were freed of bondage. The birds fly back to their nests and she sits alone, eyes lowered.

The sun has set. She looks at her watch one last time. When she gets up, the chants have stopped. Only ashes are left of the blazing fire, and her face is smudged with black kohl. 

She walks away, her face as inscrutable as the night sky above.



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