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At college it had been a tiring day;

The walk home ahead of us lay.

We both left after good-byes we bade

And watched college into distance fade.


Two guys ahead of us were walking

Prim and proper, they were seldom talking.

They were our classmates and friends

In helping us with sums, truly godsends.


The sky clouded; it began to rain

They took out umbrellas with superior disdain.

They eyed each other-they had one to spare

Saw us drenched; had not a care.


They shoved one back into the bag

But one the other did nag.

“We have two, why not lend?”

“We can’t to the world’s needs tend.”


There was no shop nearby for shelter

We both soaked, ran helter-skelter.

They could not us an umbrella lend

Angry, we mocked- “Fair weather friend”.



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The Bird

A lone bird with sure wings

Journeying alone into night

To find her with feathers white

Of deep and true love sings.

His vibrant voice with valour rings

In sure certainty of being right.

Yearning only for her sight,

He scorns comforts of even kings.

She has feathers red and blue,

Fluttering wings, friendly trill.

“Why look for her when I am here?”

“It matters not much her hue”,

So he says to the silent hill.

The white one waits with tear.

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