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I was in an auto, humming a tune to myself, when I heard the burst of a particularly loud firecracker! It was followed by many more. I then saw a huge procession, complete with drums, loud speakers, and dances. The occasion? Someone had passed away.

Oh no! I’m not kidding. I was appalled. I have heard of people lamenting, sobbing, even going into depression when dear ones leave this world, but celebrating??

Granted, they are sure that the particular person is in the Almighty’s abode and so, they don’t mourn. But it makes me wonder if people are really doing it as a ritual that custom demands, or they just take pleasure in disrupting society’s normal way of functioning.

Vehicles are not allowed to pass while the procession goes on. Or should I say, they can pass at the risk of  the firecracker ‘bomb’ exploding inside their vehicle?Smoke attacks the entire road, causing air pollution. As though the world had too few people dying of respiratory problems! The noise is unbearable. The traffic delay caused disturbs everyone’s schedule. And all because someone died.

It seems to me that many people, especially in our country, take sadistic pleasure in causing destruction and disturbance. An actor dies of old age, and they set buses on fire. A politician passes away, and they break glass windows of building all over the country.

A dear one’s death is a time for introspection about how temporary the world is, how better we can lead life and a time for private mourning. A time to send up silent prayers for the departed. It is most certainly not the time to wreak havoc in one’s locality, city or town.

I can’t believe any religion or tradition would demand that people conduct insensitive ceremonies and inconvenience all those concerned and many who are not.

Human beings are making the world uninhabitable for themselves. And I will conclude by quoting my writer aunt, ” The only way for the world to redeem itself would be for the human race to become extinct. “


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